Windlichter leuchten - eine Aktion des ASYLZENTRUM 'SILOAH' GÜMLIGEN

Kerzen im Schnee (Foto: Christoph Knoch)
Kerzen im Schnee (Foto: Christoph Knoch)
Kirchgemeinderat und Mitarbeitende haben als Gruss der Kirchgemeinde Windlichter erhalten, die im ASYLZENTRUM 'SILOAH' GÜMLIGEN entstanden sind. Der Erlös kommt zur Hälfte den Asylsuchenden zu, die die Windlichter gemacht haben. Die andere Hälfte fliesst in die Hilfe für Flüchtlinge auf Lesbos.
Bericht zum Projekt Windlichter:

We transformed old tin cans into candle lanterns and sold them next to the main train station in Bern on the 3rd, 10th and 17th of December. Half of the sales profit benefits refugees arriving in Greece on small rubber boats from Turkey. We financially support the team of volunteers of Juval Kuerzi, a Swiss helping in Lesbos since October 2015. Juval and his team are working very hard on the spot to assist arriving refugees. They invest the raised money to welcome as many refugees as possible with a cup of hot tea and provide them with food and shelter. There are no big NGOs or other organizations to assist the refugees in Lesbos. You can follow the project of Juval Kuerzi on Facebook under the name “The Wild Lemon Team”, where you will find a lot of information about the situation written in English.

The other half of the sales profit helps to improve the pocket money of the creative refugees of the centres in Siloah and Viktoria, Kanton of Bern, Switzerland.